Bridging the Digital Divide e-Educational Leadership in ICT
  APEC Cyber Education Cooperation Project - Funded by the APEC Education Foundation
A consortium for APEC Cyber Education Cooperation(ACEC) has formed under the auspices of the APEC Education Foundation to undertake a project to make available to teachers and administrators in APEC member economies information and services to improve the use of ICT in education.

The purposes of the consortium are as follows:

1. Engage in projects that help to narrow the digital divide in the APEC region.

2. Make available to teachers and administrators in the APEC region information and services to improve education, in particular the use of ICT.

3. Coordinate the work of various APEC economies to enhance multilateral educational cooperation in the region and avoid duplication of projects.

The Centre for Information Technology in School and Teacher Education (CITE) at the University of Hong Kong has specific responsibilities to develop and provide an e-Educational Leadership in ICT program for the APEC community.

Enquiries about the e-Educational Leadership program, please email your enquiries to :
Dr. Bob Fox, email :

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