Bridging the Digital Divide e-Educational Leadership in ICT
  APEC Cyber Education Cooperation Project - Funded by the APEC Education Foundation
Rationale the e-Educational Leadership program
Use of ICT in education needs to be coupled with educational reforms aimed to address human resource demands created by the emerging knowledge economy.

Need to develop students' capacities for self-learning, problem-solving, information seeking and analysis and critical thinking as well as the ability to communicate, collaborate and learn from each other. These abilities figured much less importantly in previous school curricula.

Leading schools into the information age is not simply a process of technological adoption but one of innovation and change. The greatest challenge is for different levels of leadership in a nation, from the ministry, district education boards, through to school principals, department heads in schools to individual teachers to establish a common vision as well as effective implementation strategies at the various levels that can be dynamically adjusted during the course of innovation.

Efforts to bridge the digital divide must emphasise issues of leadership, change management and good pedagogical practices -in short, the focus should be on partnership in leadership.
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