Bridging the Digital Divide e-Educational Leadership in ICT
  APEC Cyber Education Cooperation Project - Funded by the APEC Education Foundation
Why focus on educational leadership
Research on exemplary practices using ICT reveal that the best practise arises in schools that have a visionary leadership. Leaders who are able to inspire, support and guide the innovation. Leadership at school level operates within the context of and in tandem with national implementation policies and strategies.

How these goals can be achieved?

Build on existing expertise and knowledge, especially the SITES research teams and case studies data in the APEC countries.

Form national leadership teams that will identify country specific priorities, needs and contexts.

Support the national leadership teams in developing their ICT policies and strategies at the three levels of leadership such that these are coordinated and mutually supportive.

Build up the core capacities for further developments in the participating APEC countries through setting up and strengthening the national leadership teams and the establishment of country-specific training materials databases.

Consolidate and extend the network for partnership in leadership related to ICT educational integration through the establishment of a regional refereed journal on leadership in ICT in education: the Asian Pacific Journal of e-Educational Leadership.

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